A brief sampling of some of our work from 2011:

Condominium renovation at Station 1 in Wrightsville Beach.  A challenging renovation with a floor, ceiling, and unit separation-walls all made of 8″ thick concrete.  Our plumbing had to be tight to the walls, relocated electrical wires had to be trenched into the concrete, and framing was all light steel.

Another condominium renovation at Wrightsville Beach.  This is just the kitchen photo from our 4th whole condo renovation in Cordgrass Bay.  Condo design was deftly executed on this particular project by Jennifer France of Big Sky Design.

Before and after of a home exterior restoration in Carolina Place neighborhood.  The homeowners asked us to get the house back to its original condition–remove the asbestos siding, restore all of the original trim details, repair and replace the siding as necessary, replace exterior doors with new solid wood doors, add exterior lighting.  This project won a preservation award at the Historic Wilmington Foundation’s annual award ceremony.

Thanks to the underwhelming work of the builder of this home on North Lumina Avenue in Wrightsville Beach, we removed every window in this house, provided proper waterproofing, and re-installed the windows.  We had to replace about half of the siding on the house after replacing exterior sheathing that had rotted completely through around most of the windows.  The Georgia-based company that originally supplied the siding went out of business so we had Special Wood in Wilmington fabricate several hundred square feet of new siding to match.  This is the third house on the beach to which we’ve done similar work, and more are to come soon.  Amazing, and, frankly, sad at the same time.

For a family with a house that borders the UNCW campus, we added a full second story to their home.  We started by bolstering the home’s foundation, then cut away the existing roof over the house, lifted it off with a crane, added new engineered floor joists, built new exterior walls, lifted a new roof system in place, finished the exterior, cut a new stairwell between floors, finished the interiors and painted the houses entire exterior and most of its interior.  The entire project took a little over 9 weeks–the same amount of time as some of our more complicated and sizable bathroom remodels.

Master suite addition with an 80′ wrap around porch–all work to match the existing details of this c.1925 house.

Arbor in Providence neighborhood off of Middle Sound Loop Road.

British Columbia

August 19, 2011

Photos from the visit to see family around Victoria, Vancouver Island, Canada.  August 2011.

Twitter link

August 19, 2011

I just grew to like Twitter when I heard it referred to lately as a “micro-blog.”  Obviously, blogging is hard enough for me as it is, having not posted anything on WordPress in more than a year!  Just can’t make the time to update this thing regularly.  However, a “microblog” that I can just do in as easy a fashion as clicking a photo with my phone and then hitting another button, and, voila, it’s uploaded to Twitter for all of the world to see.  Well, maybe not the entire world, but certainly for you.

Anyways, some day quite soon, I’ll ask my web maintenance fella (Brian at Graphic Moxie) to stick the little Twitter bird button on the front page of the site instead of having this post way in the back.