Because some of the customer comments we have received are so long, it was necessary to edit them down to make them more appropriate for a quick read on the website.  For anyone interested in reading full versions of the comments, I’ve included them here.

Quality results in every aspect.  I have been pleased with the extra steps taken to ensure I end up with a quality product.  They offered flexibility with thoughtful suggestions.  I needed design guidance, and layout help, and Christopher came through.  I also wanted to complete some of the work myself, which he gladly let me handle.  I would highly recommend Old School Rebuilders.

-Joey and Holly Stevens

You allowed the homeowner (me) to take as large or as small a of a role as I wanted. I never felt pressured to “just stay out of the way.” This allowed me to keep costs down in some areas by doing some work myself or by providing materials. You did not try and discourage me from personalizing my project even when that meant more work for your team. Likewise, when I was overwhelmed you were able to quickly step in and assist me. This happened several times and it was never done in a condescending manner i.e. “I told you that you wouldn’t be able to handle that.”

You chose great guys to be on your team. I never worried about who was in the house while I was gone. I always felt that your team had my best interest in mind. Always helpful, pleasant, and accommodating.   I always knew I could trust you.

The work was done when you said it would be done.

You suggested and incorporated smart, energy efficient (green) materials into the project that are saving me money today.

-Kemp and Jenn Burdette

I am very thankful to have been referred to your company for my recent home addition. Your staff was extremely professional and nice to work with. Although I don’t have any new home projects planned, I have continued to refer your company to other homeowners. Thanks again for all your beautiful workmanship.

-Mary Konz

One of the things that I really appreciated about Christopher and Old School is that there was someone here everyday working on the project getting stuff done.  This might not sound like much but believe me I have heard and witnessed horror stories about contractors getting your bid and your money and it’s like pulling teeth to make sure someone shows up… The crew of guys working for Chris is top notch and I don’t know what Chris is giving those cats but they seem fairly loyal to the man.

We had a very large project mixing new construction and renovating the old.  I am not sure but I believe this was one of the larger project worked on by Old School.  Chris and his team really did a great job mixing the old details and character of the house with the new construction.  He has on retainer the best plumbers, painters and tile guys in Wilmington.  All I can say is this is a top notch operation not the most expensive not the cheapest just a really well oiled machine.

-Michael and Jill Swart

Old School Rebuilders and Christopher Yermal have made my experience of owning a home in Wilmington positive and pleasurable.  We live in Atlanta and must, therefore, rely on having someone to manage repairs and upgrades with consistently excellent quality.  Being absentee makes us appreciate the piece of mind of having someone manage our home repairs and renovations who who we can trust to do the right thing the right way.  We turn our key and our treasured home over to Christopher with complete confidence knowing that everything will be well taken care of.  He chooses excellent people who do the jobs right the first time and charge reasonable fees.  From the time we get the estimate for services (which has always been accurate) to the time we pay our bill the process is consistently well-managed and the outcome is always excellent.  I am also impressed that he consistently seeks ways to improve the performance of his company — which is already outstanding.  Finally it is always a pleasure working with Christopher — I get excellent ideas and suggestions about how to spend my money on home improvements with the highest quality and lowest cost.  I value him tremendously as a consultant, business partner and service provider who acts with integrity and excellence in all that he does.  Please feel free to use my name and identify me as a reference for prospective clients.  And, by the way, thanks for all the great service — you have taken the pain and anxiety of home ownership away — much appreciated!! Rick

Roderick Gilkey, Ph.D.

Professor in the Practice of

Organization and Management

Goizueta Business School

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Emory University School of Medicine

I have owned 6 houses and gone through numerous renovations with them and I will honestly say that the recent renovation of my bathrooms has been the most pleasing.  I was initially impressed with how scrupulous Christopher was about keeping appointments, returning phone calls and  keeping me up to date with the scope and sequence of the project. It was obvious that he felt that my time was as important as his. The sub-contractors that he uses are not only very good at what they do  but are great when it comes to the “problems”, an inevitable part of any renovation.  They offered advice, opinions, and to the best of their ability tried to give me the results that I wanted. They even cleaned up the work site at the end of each day!  I truly have been so happy with my bathrooms. I wish they had fallen apart years earlier. Until the next project,

-Marie Eason

I think you guys were very easy to work with, and very professional and nice.  I did not worry for a minute letting you and your crew have a key to our house.  Also, I thank you for helping us to not cut corners on such items as tiles and fixtures.  The nice fixtures make all the difference and really don’t add much in the whole cost of the project. You did a good job of returning my phone calls and coming by when needed. You guys do beautiful work!!

-Lisa Manning

In addition to an excellent finished product, I value Old School Rebuilders for their integrity, honesty, skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

By no means were my improvement projects large-scale or complex.  Nonetheless, Old School Rebuilders worked within the constraints of my budget, and maintained excellent communication with me leading up to, during and following their work at my home.

The simple improvements they made to my fifty-five year old house added to its functionality and improved my living spaces—-improving, in turn, the quality of my dwelling.

Without hesitation will I call upon Christopher and his crew at Old School Rebuilders for any and all projects going forward.

-RJ Hogan

There are a number of things that impressed me and Lukas, both during and after the project.  First and foremost is the crew – they were diligent, friendly, and knowledgeable.  You can likely find that in a construction crew fairly easily … what set your team apart was their sincere desire to do a good job.  We could tell that they cared about the quality of their work and the final outcome.  This says a lot about you as well, Chris, because it means that you are an exemplary team leader, and you were successful in motivating/inspiring them to take pride in what they do.

Lukas and I liked how you got involved in design decisions – especially those that may not work.  You came up with creative solutions, and Green solutions as well.  We love our “New Effort” backdoor, and the fact that we used [cellulose] for insulation instead of the pink stuff.

You were open to discussing ways to save money throughout the process, which was appreciated.  As often happens, everything turned out “bigger” than we anticipated, and you helped us make decisions that saved cost. A good example of this is in our choice of siding – over the course of the project we learned to respect your opinion when we asked for guidance, and we ended up taking your advice more often than not.  This
doesn’t mean that you hindered our “creative output” – we certainly had a significant voice throughout the design/build process – but it was nice to know that we could bounce things off you from time to time.

Lastly, we appreciated the fact that you were available after project completion to button up details or manage minor tweaks here and there. Once the project was done, we felt comfortable calling you, and we knew
that you would take care of the details quickly.

-Lukas and Ashley Trosman

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